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AEC reshapes metaverse

Digital economy Application Scenarios

is committed to building Web3.0 business digital intelligence platform.

About AEC

Comprehensively build a high performance, high trust, high security meta-universe application mall, Removing barriers for people to enter the metaverse, helping developers, game enthusiasts, Artists and Kols can easily create valuable content on the blockchain to promote the future scale development of the metauniverse.

  • WEB3.0

    Return ownership and control of Internet data to users through blockchain technology, Build a new type of digital economy system that is user-centered, co-built and shared by users.

  • Metaverse concept

    Metaverse is a possible digital world in which people can freely participate and live as a digital identity.

implements scenes

  • Social communication

    can be used to provide ability support for social communication, and can realize single chat, Group chat and other chat modes, supporting text, picture, voice, short video and other message types, Real-time message push meets the message arrival rate requirement, And can support real-time audio and video calls, effectively improve user engagement and activity.

  • Interactive live broadcast

    Provide a variety of live interaction, easy to create a good live chat interactive experience. Intelligent customer service meets the needs of urban partners for multi-scene communication, and combines with intelligent robots to effectively reduce labor costs and precipitate customer values.

  • Meta-universe mall

    Realize the transformation from "shelf e-commerce" to "content e-commerce", and enable the "human-goods - field" business model.


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    AI Economy uses artificial intelligence, cloud computing, encryption algorithms and other technologies on the basis of changing the way data is transmitted to create a borderless virtual world.

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    AI Economy has blurred the physical boundary and returned reality to the era of digital economy. Through the boundaries of enterprises and services, the ownership of goods is further refined, subdivided into data, and the ownership is released, so that its value can return to the hands of all people.

Function Introduction

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    Provide a convenient tool and environment for users to establish a content-addressing network connection.

  • >

    Coupled blockchain computing model, support user data free uplink right confirmation, realize user data ownership clear.

  • >

    Provides naming and calibration system for unlimited aggregation and combination of digital assets, so as to meet the requirements of upper application business development.

Governance token

Project name: AI Economy
Governance Tokens Name: AEC
Total tokens issued: 20 billion

distribution ratio Description

  • Mining bonus:


    50% of the total amount of AEC governance tokens issued by AI Economy will be used as computing power mining. In the ecology of AI Economy, computing power mining is regarded as an important part of ecological construction, and mining rewards are set for users to participate in the construction of network nodes. In Quantum Cloud mining machine, users become miners by participating in network construction, and further obtain computing power mining by burning Token contribution, so as to obtain token rewards.

  • Promotion Award:


    AI Economy issues 7% of total AEC tokens as rewards for participating in Token promotion. Participated in becoming an AI Economy user at the beginning of the project, The promotion project invites new users to participate in the computational force mining to obtain the corresponding promotion rewards. Promotion reward distribution mechanism 50% will be released to users immediately, and 50% will be released linearly with a decrease of 3% per day until all the rewards are released.

  • Project team:


    AI Economy issues 10% of the total amount of AEC governance tokens for project R&D expansion and maintenance. During the project's promotion of Web3.0, meta-universe and DAO ecological construction, the team ensured the normal development of the project and made contributions and efforts.

  • Community building and contributors:


    AI Economy issued 10% of the total amount of AEC governance tokens as a reward for community ecological construction and the contribution of global city partners. This portion of the token motivates global urban partners to promote the construction of communities, in which community-related operating costs, Allowance for office supplies and use of space expenses. To promote the Building Community project, contributors to the project will be rewarded with tokens.

  • Foundation:

    AI Economy issues 5% of the total amount of AEC governance tokens. As the foundation of the project, the foundation is responsible for the project security audit, auditing and proofreading for the operation and development of the project. To realize the principles of safety, transparency, openness and fairness in the process of project development. Meanwhile, I was responsible for the project office space, office supplies and operating expenses of public welfare undertakings.

  • Capital pool:

    AI Economy issues 3% of total AEC tokens as a capital pool. Part of the capital pool will be used to guarantee the project and promote the development of the project. In the future, the project will regularly purchase and store the constant mainstream currency as the guarantee of the project development.

  • Web3.0 Ecological construction:

    AI Economy will issue 5% of the total AEC governance tokens as Web3.0 ecological construction. Future AI The project ecology of Economy will enable multiple ways of interacting, ushering in new forms of transaction transparency, data simplification, data autonomy, and data storage.

  • Meta-cosmic ecological construction:

    5% of the total AEC governance tokens issued by AI Economy will be used for the ecological application construction of Metauniverse Mall. Users can directly participate in various consumption scenarios: Mall shopping, factory direct sales, offline and other scenarios. All track data, spending habits, personal behavior, and GameFi on the Metacom Mall Data will be integrated into a new generation of intelligent converged application platform. In the mall, users communicate with each other through social media, and choose commodities to be consumed directly. All payment forms are paid in tokens.

  • DAO autonomous organization:

    AI Economy issues 5% of the total AEC governance tokens as the DAO autonomous organization, mainly for owning community DAOs As well as the future development of the project where participants holding tokens have the right to vote on the project, make decisions, and manage data autonomically.

Team members

  • David Arroyo

    David Arroyo has nine years of experience working on the Internet. His areas of expertise include 5g networks, artificial intelligence, Machine learning and storage. He has also invested in many early cryptocurrency blockchain companies and is a fan of open finance, working to build efficient blockchain markets.


  • Alexis Pale

    Senior software Development Engineer. He has ten years of experience in software engineering to support the advancement and development of various projects. Over the past 10 years, it has been focusing on blockchain, DeFi, smart contract development, innovative fintech projects and other fields.


  • Adolf Naidu J

    is a proven entrepreneur, product geek and investor. Adolf Naidu J has worked as a consultant and compliance engineer on many senior projects, advising many successful Internet technology companies.

    Board of Advisor

  • Sandy Smith

    Senior marketing practitioner. Participated in the promotion of several projects in the field of Internet blockchain, and operated several blockchain projects and platform cooperation. She is good at promoting the development of blockchain industry resources, preparing and planning projects and brand planning and marketing, with rich industry resources and top business capabilities.


development route


Official website online

> Q1

AEC instant messaging online
Product Quantum Cloud mining machine launched

> Q2

Wallet online
project public offering
exchange offering
Optimization of urban partnership mechanism

> Q3

The Metauniverse mall goes online
The establishment of the trading market

> Q4


Ecological establishment of Al Economy
web3.0 information
Metauniverse Business Empire completed
The trading system has just seen the scale, and users can synchronize and optimize the free trading governance in the Metauniverse Mall

> Q1

Underlying architecture of Al Economy
Launch the underlying facilities of the platform, establish the products that users can self-publish, introduce the application development.

> Q2

DAO governance
Q3 DAO Governance optimization platform Platform Development to serve users

> Q3

Comprehensive upgrade of Metauniverse Mall economic system, optimization and upgrade of platform income distribution
Complete WEB3.0 network

> Q4